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First Shift Justice Project’s first initiative is to empower and support pregnant women and new parents.

We go to the places where women are already seeking prenatal care and provide them with the information and assistance they need to assert their workplace rights, including: the right to paid and unpaid job-protected leave; the right to paid sick days; the right to be free from discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender, pregnancy or family responsibilities; the right to reasonable accommodations; and the right to breastfeed.

First Shift partners with hospitals, medical clinics, nonprofits, and other community groups to provide Know Your Rights presentations that educate medical staff, pregnant women and new parents about legal rights in the workplace.

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First Shift provides pro se legal assistance to empower women to communicate proactively with their employers in order to maintain employment.

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First Shift represents and refers clients with meritorious cases, with a particular focus on cases with the potential to advance development of the law.

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First Shift works with medical providers, policy advocates, unions and other workers’ rights and poverty organizations to expose, understand and address the specific problems faced by workers in low-wage jobs who are trapped between the demands of work and family.

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Obtain Legal Assistance

If you need legal assistance regarding a work and family related legal issue, find out more about our legal services here.

Protect your patients

If you are (or work for) a health care provider in Washington, DC, sign up for a 15-minute training session on the new pregnancy accommodations law in DC.   Sign up for our Training Session

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