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Are you a health care provider in the Washington, DC Area?

Workplace accommodations for pregnancy and breastfeeding are critical to your patients’ ability to maintain their health and safety, as well as their babies’ health and safety. As a health care provider, the notes you write to support the request for an accommodation will in many cases determine whether your patients receive what they need to continue to work safely. Click here for resources regarding pregnancy accommodations in D.C.

Under the new pregnancy accommodations law in DC, all employers are required to provide workplace accommodations for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Fill out the form if you are interested in a 15-minute training session for your office. Lawyers from First Shift Justice Project will provide you and your staff with a primer on how you can support your patients under this law.

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If you are (or work for) a health care provider in Washington, DC, sign up for a 15-minute training session on the new pregnancy accommodations law in DC. Sign up for our Training Session

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