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Our Mission

First Shift Justice Project is a nonprofit organization that helps working mothers in low wage jobs assert their workplace rights to prevent job loss. 

Our Vision

Toddler-Capitol-1000 We envision a workplace culture that values not only paid employment but also the work of family caregiving and the vital role parents play in the health and welfare of our their families and society.

By educating and supporting working parents to assert their rights before they lose their jobs or their workplace stress becomes untenable, First Shift helps them safely maintain their employment, their health and their family commitments. Working parents who are empowered to proactively address work/family conflicts become a force for affecting this cultural change and creating work environments where employees and employers expect to have respectful, productive conversations about family caregiving and the overall well-being of families.

Obtain Legal Assistance

If you need legal assistance regarding a work and family related legal issue, find out more about our legal services here.

Protect your patients

If you are (or work for) a health care provider in Washington, DC, sign up for a 15-minute training session on the new pregnancy accommodations law in DC. Sign up for our Training Session

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